Welcome to the website of the St-Louis Veterinary Clinic. Here you will find information about services offered by the clinic as well as by Embryobec, our embryo transfer division. News and noteworthy articles from the veterinary world in which our visitors may be interested have also been flagged on this site.
This new section, News, will allow you in the future to see what's new on one page. This page will identify any recent updates to the site, be they new sections or stories, new links or services or erratum. Each of these items will remain on this page until the next update.
ET Services
In this section you will find details of the services offered by Embryobec, the clinic's ET division.
General Information
Where is the clinic? Why did we originally get involved in embryo transfer? Does CVSL/Embryobec cover the area where I live? The clinic specializes In the care of which animals? You will find the answers to these questions on the "General Information" page.

To inform readers about veterinary practice, at this time one article is available for our visitors' information. What is embryo transfer? Dr. Roger Sauvé responds by demystifying the science of embryo transfer.
Embryo Transfer(ET)
Would you like to communicate with one of the veterinarians at the clinic? In this section you will find the vets' e-mail addresses. Simply click one of the addresses and your e-mail software will open. Just add your message and send.
Would you like to visit other sites with similar topics? Visit this section, where you will find links to several related sites, with a brief description of each.
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