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Below you will find links to other web sites which contain additional information on subjects discussed within this site. Click on a logo to visit these sites.

Logo CETA The St-Louis Veterinary Clinic is a member of the Canadian Embryo transfer Association. The goal of CETA is to unite organizations and individuals, chiefly veterinarians, who are involved in the embryo transfer industry in Canada.

Logo of Agrivet Agrivet supplies software for facilitating data collection and report production for all of your ET and IVP needs.

Logo of Holstein Canada The purposes of Holstein Canada are to improve the Holstein breed, to prepare, maintain and make available a geneological record of the breed, and to promote the best interests of breeders and owners of Holstein cattle.

Logo of OMVQ The goal of the Order of Veterinarians of Québec is to promote quality veterinary medicine is to contribute to the overall health and well being of animals in Québec while at the same time protecting the health of the general public.

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