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Clinique Vétérinaire St-Louis Embryobec

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Medicine and surgery
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Reproductive management
Cow’s udder health
Calf health
Animal comfort and welfare
Complete embryo transfer service

Embryo transfer

Embryobec has been offering the embryo transfer service since 1980. Using fully equipped mobile labs, Embryobec can provide the service directly on your farm.

  • Donor cows program
  • Harvesting and embryo transfer
  • Freezing embryos for direct transfer
  • Washing embryos for export
  • Embryo division
  • Sexing the fetus by ultrasound

In vitro fertilization

Embryobec offers you the opportunity to increase the number of embryos produced by your donors. In vitro fertilization produces donor embryos that don’t respond to conventional embryo transfer and even gestantes donors.

  • Egg harvest
  • Egg maturation
  • Fertilization of eggs
  • Embryo culture

Mobile lab

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Our mobile labs allow us to offer a full range of E.T. services on the farm, including harvesting embryos on donors and determining the sex of the fetus by ultrasound.