The Clinique Vétérinaire St-Louis (CVSL) began in 1978 as a partnership of two veterinarians (Roger Sauvé and Paul Baillargeon) operating a general practice in St-Louis-de-Gonzague, a small town 45 km south-west of Montreal.

Also, 1978 saw the construction of a new office for the practice, more suited than the original locale to the needs of the clientele. At that time, medical and emergency services were offered for small and farm animals. In 1987, however, CVSL decided to specialize exclusively in bovine services. Currently the clinic makes a diverse range of veterinary services available to the cattle industry, including medical and emergency services, a herd health program, embryo transfer, teaching and consulting as well as clinical research for the industry.

 St-Louis-de-Gonzague, town located at 45 km south-west of Montreal. 

The image above shows the efficiancy of Embryo Transfer. Seven days after fertilization the embryos are flushed from the donor and implanted into recipient animals. Although it is the recipients that actually give birth, the resulting calves will have the same genetic code as the donor.

The St-Louis Veterinary Clinic's involvement in Embryo Transfer (ET) began 1980. Some clients had expressed an interest in using the new ET technology to increase reproductive efficiency within their herds. In response to breeder demand, the clinic's ET division, Embryobec, was established. Over 98% of our embryo transfer work has been done with dairy breeds, principally with Holsteins. Presently three of the CVSL/Embryobec veterinarians, Drs. Roger Sauvé, Richard Rémillard and Guy Massicotte, are fully accredited for Embryo Export by Agriculture Canada and by theCanadian Embryo Transfer Association.

The team: Throughout the years new veterinarians have joined the team, and currently we have eight veterinarians at the clinic. Also, we have a support staff of seven employees working at CVSL, handling customer service, accounting, computing, sterilization and equipment maintenance.

Our clientele: Originally the CVSL clientele was made up of local area breeders; however, now we serve a large region extending from western Quebec (west of Montreal) through eastern Ontario to the Toronto area. Three mobile laboratories allow us to offer a complete range of on-farm embryo transfer services, including embryo recovery, embryo sex determination, embryo splitting and fetal sexing diagnostics.

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